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17 July 2019

Fabrik, Iasi Romania

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  • 18:30

    Welcome and Introduction by Daniel C.

  • 18:45

    Behind the scenes: Starting and configuring a JS project by Alexandra P.

    Nowadays, starting a JS project is easy: just use a command to create the project's structure and a dashboard to configure everything else. But did you ever stop and think about how and why it's done this way? Let's talk about the best approach for our needs and the 'old school' methods to set everything in place.
  • 19:15

    How to build a modern app in minutes by Bogdan C.

    Have you ever dived into making modern, offline-friendly, performant JavaScript applications with the simplest setup possible for your next project?
    If so, you have come to the right place!
  • 19:45

    Short drinks break

    You made it so far, you deserve a short break. Don't forget that we prepared more interesting things for the evening.
  • 19:55

    The elegance of TypeScript by Adrian M.

    They market TypeScript as JavaScript that scales. While it does sound great, you probably have no idea what it actually means. Don’t worry, neither did I, when I first read it. As a JavaScript developer moving towards TypeScript, I wanted to harness the entire strength of the language, while also avoiding the common pitfalls. In this session, I will talk about what I learned throughout the process and how this transition improved our codebase, our reliability and, ultimately, our working velocity (or coffee breaks per day).
  • 20:35

    The performance mindset by Mihai B.

    Your JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Java, Go, Python, C++, Pascal, SQL, C#, F#, J#, you-name-it, code is as good as your customers say it is. They are the ones experiencing the results of your code and you should be responsible of their well-being. I’ll walk you through what performance means, how it looks like, and what tools you could use to understand it.
  • 21:15


    Let's see if you learned new things or how good your JS skills are. We promise you will be rewarded.
  • 21:30


    It's time to party! If you made it so far, you might get another drinks token.

Our speakers

  • Adrian Marinica

    Beginning his software journeys too many years ago as a .NET developer, Adrian soon embraced the beauty of JavaScript development. Since then, he’s constantly on the lookout for cool things to learn and apply to his work while also investing time into his other passion, helping teams grow.

  • Alexandra Petras

    Passionate to try new ideas and use what`s new and cool in the Javascript world.

  • Bogdan Carbune

    Teamplayer, joyful and maniac about seeing wheels spinning. Hi, I'm Bogdan.

  • Mihai Bura

    Short version: performance enthusiast at Amazon. Long version: Join the event and you’ll find out more about my middle name, my love-hate relationship with JS, drums, and how I witnessed the born of God.

  • Daniel 'Frigideru' Cojocaru

    Daniel, enthusiastic water aficionado / developer, and all around, the greatest guy I know. Charismatic, good looking, smart, funny and rich - is what my dating profile would sound like. If you see me in the wild, slowly approach me, give me a bottle of Jägermeister and enjoy the show. Live whatever, die eventually!

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