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13 December 2018

Oxford Pub, Iasi Romania


  • 18:30

    Welcome and Introduction by Alex L.

  • 18:45

    From 0 to 60 FPS: A look into Game Development for the Web by Alex G.

    I know what you're thinking. "Game Development for the Web? Hah, but JavaScript is single threaded! Funny joke, mate.". Even though this domain is seen as taboo from a Web Developer's perspective, it's building up potential real fast with WebAssembly being supported by 4 major browsers. Join me in this talk about the past, present and future of Game Development for the Web.
  • 19:15

    Workers and multithreading in JS by Stefan

    If you ever had to cruch a lot of data in the browser and then sync the data across multiple tabs and have the data render realy fast on the screen without breaking the page then you've come to the right place. Will have a fast bird eye view of the Web Worker API with working examples and will ponder one questions that come with this great power.
  • 18:45

    Short drinks break

    You made it so far, you deserve a short break. Don't forget that we prepared more interesting things for the evening.
  • 19:55

    The new Javascript? by Alex B.

    The JS world has gone through some big changes lately and apparently it's not going to stop very soon. Among those, two patterns keep emerging: types and cross platform. I propose we have a look at an alternative solution which seems to resolve those two issues together: ReasonML.
  • 20:35

    JavaScript: the fast & the furious! by Alex P.

    Building a performant, non-trivial web app is a challenge every developer must take, be it just for educational purposes. It's no small feat to accomplish this, as it requires curiosity and perseverance, as well as the technical skills to back them up! So, come with me in this journey where we'll update the s*** out of a very real app and discover just how rewarding this is!
  • 21:05

    Paper programs by Gabi

    Ever wondered how does a program look physically? Wonder no more, you will get the chance to see.
  • 21:15


    Let's see if you learned new things or how good your JS skills are. We promise you will be rewarded.
  • 21:30


    It's time to party! If you made it so far, you might get another drinks token.

Our speakers

  • Alexandru Badea

    Just your random happy web developer with a craving for all JavaScript stuff. Ironically, my presentation is about something else, but it's pretty close 😊

  • Alexandru Pavaloi

    Pava is an enthusiastic Front-end developer, speaker & trainer from Iasi, Romania. It's true that he got into JavaScript by mistake, but now he absolutely loves it and thinks it’s one of the best jobs out there! Oh, he also loves bikes!

  • Alexandru Grigoruta

    Front-End Developer for the past couple years, I enjoy breaking down stuff to the core, in order to understand why things work and how. I'm always eager to share my discoveries, and I'm always excited when I find out about something new and cool from the JavaScript world. See you all at JSPub 3.0!

  • Gabriel Acea

    JS zealot and Web Developer who's always interested in new tech stuff. And beers, we should definitely not forget about beers.

  • Stefan Hagiu

    To keep it simple, my name is Stefan with 3 years experience in the web development which at this current moment in time is also my passion. Intrested in learning diffrent ways of writing code and applications (Functional/Logical etc.) or use the AI to write the code for you ?! Hope to see you at the event.

  • Alexandru Leleu

    Hi, I'm Alex/Lai/Lele. My gorgeous story about "Js relationship" began two years ago. I am passionate about this powerful language and web in general. I am eager to learn new things and gain new programming skills. I am an enthusiastic person and for this edition I will just be your host. I promise that this JsPub it will be unforgettable!

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