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26 February 2020

Rock'n'Rolla, Iasi Romania

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  • 18:30

    Welcome and Introduction by Catalin C.

  • 18:45

    Play time with Houdini! by Bogdan H.

    Houdini will showcase a new series of browser tricks and magic! Yes, indeed, magic before your own eyes in 3 acts: Will Paint, Anim(ation)ate, and Layout like never before!
  • 19:20

    Let’s HTTP/2 a bit by Sergiu E.

    You might be wondering "Why HTTP/2 in a JavaScript focused event?".Well, if you are a JavaScript developer, most likely you've built software for the Web. Regardless on which side of the stream you are, front-end or back-end, it is nice to know a thing or two about how our applications communicate with each other;Join me to this presentation to discuss more details about HTTP/2.
    I promise you that JavaScript won't be missing from our discussion.
  • 19:55

    Short drinks break

    You made it so far, you deserve a short break. Don't forget that we prepared more interesting things for the evening.
  • 20:05

    5 shots of JS by Bogdan C.

    Ready to see what we can do with JS?
  • 20:25

    1 app - 6 platforms by Vlad M.

    Every developer had at least one moment when they thought “I want to build an app for that platform, but I don’t have the skills”. But these problems seem to disappear with the new technologies. One of those is React Native and we will try to build a simple app in a few minutes on multiple platforms.
  • 21:00


    Let's see if you learned new things or how good your JS skills are. We promise you will be rewarded.
  • 21:20


    It's time to party! If you made it so far, you might get another drinks token.

Our speakers

  • Bogdan Hagiu

    This is harder than it looks... My name is Stefan or Bogdan, I have yet to decide, but most of you know me as “Gagiu”. Web Dev Engineer at Amazon with too much curiosity and too little time to satisfy all of it (that or very bad time management) and I’m here to learn and share about one of my passion and curiosity: The Web!"

  • Sergiu Enasoaie

    Among many of my uncommon interests you will find JavaScript and Back-end development....together, thus Node.js is my weapon of choice.

    I'm Sergiu and I'm here again, for the drinks... and JavaScript, of course.

  • Bogdan Carbune

    Teamplayer, joyful and maniac about seeing wheels spinning. Hi, I'm Bogdan.

  • Vlad Minuti

    Even though now works on React, his first love is React Native. That’s why he wants to spread the word about it and show it’s true power.

  • Catalin Ciobanu

    Ex-SQL, ex-JS, ex-Java developer, currently supporting smarter people building great things!

Ready for some JS shots?